Patricia Kennedy inspired me today with her post: Getting the Gold: Maybe you need more than a great plan?  I just spent all morning with an individual whom I will call Karen; she is an old friend and a "life coach" to about 20 people--she has helped me out in the past with relationship issues and today was helpful in getting me to see how I need to approach a situation here in the office which I have been dealing with for over a year office bully who is very successful at putting roadblocks in the way of my business.

This individual (Karen) studied  at Sarah Lawrence and got her degree while studying with Joseph Campbell as he rolled out his theory of symbols being the universal language of the subconscious mind. Using the well known and highly regarded Carl Jung as his source of data for his research, Joseph Cambell has gone on over the years to publish books and make films for PBS regarding the phenomenon of symbolic ways of human communication.

Karen studied with Joseph Campbell in his most prolific years and has been able to incorporate her gained knowledge into her work with individuals, as an astrologer and a life counselor. Her work has become well known amoung some of the worlds most famous individuals and she is an established "Life Coach" to a handful of the rich and famous.

Since she is a dear friend of mine, we gather with a few other friends now and then and this weekend was one which she had set aside from her very busy schedule to see us and to work individually with each of us to assist us in getting our lives back on track in our businesses.

In my work with Karen this morning I found that over the years and without even thinking about it, I was able to use what I had learned from this valuable friend in handling my clients and customers. I am also now aware that my dealing with fellow agents and others in the real estate business have been influenced by my knowledge gained from working with her. The following posts were written by me over the last few years. These articles were written as I recalled events in my life where I was able to put to use the information gained from my work with Karen:

THE FALL!....Do You Ever Wonder Why Weird Things Happen To YOU???

"THE SQUIRREL"....Do You Ever Wonder Why Weird Things Happen To You???


Now, you may ask: What does this have to do with real estate and "Life Coaching"???

In the process of studying and learning the ways and workings of the inaccessible subconscious mind, I have found a way to deal with life as never before.

Through working with this individual, I have actually become less a creature of my exisitence, vulnerable to all that befalls me and have become a full participant in the journey (one of many) that I am currently on. I have a new take on life--a new perspective, gained from the interaction that I now have with people in general. I am more ready now to handle the "problems" through letting go of needing to be "in control" when I am not. That letting go has given me the strength to trust that things will work their own way out--good, bad or indifferent; but more to the point, they will work out the way they are meant to work out.

As long as I pay attention to the truth about how I fit (and I do fit!) I will have the relief of turning it all over to the higher forces that do exist and that do  control the results!




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Comment balloon 11 commentsPaula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA • August 12 2012 04:27PM


Paula, your Karen sounds like a wonderful friend and great life coach for you. I participated in a coaching program for 3 years, and they were years of exciting, happy growth, both professionally and personally. Since I'm all about wanting and needed a well-rounded life, it fit me to a tee. Sounds like Karen helps you in a similar fashion.

Posted by Lottie Kendall, Helping make your real estate dreams a reality (Compass) about 8 years ago

Karen can be a great help to you in your quest for expanding your goals.  I see that Lottie, another coaching advocate beat me to the first comment.  Good luck in your new adventure.

Posted by Doug Bullwinkel, Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #281609 (Envoy Mortgage,NMLS ID 6666) about 8 years ago

Lottie: You are so right! This experience is only enhanced by the fact that she is  good friend too and that helps with the trust that is needed to listen to someone like that...

Posted by Paula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA, ...A Local Expert in all The Hamptons (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) about 8 years ago

There are so many coaches and wanna bees out there that it is hard to find a good one but once you do it is well worth it

Posted by Charles Stallions Property Manager, Pensacola, Pace & Gulf Breeze Property Management (Charles Stallions Real Estate Services) about 8 years ago

I am still on the quest to find a good one, but agree it can be ever so helpful.  Lucky you to have Karen.

Posted by Dagny Eason, Fairfield County CT, CDPE Homes For Sale and Condo (Dagny's Real Estate) about 8 years ago

Dagney: I feel very fortunate to have someone like her, whom I know so well, who takes the time to work with me on the manner in which I try to conduct myself in my business. Her fees are fair and her time which is very tight, is availble to me when I need to work on something. I often wonder if I did not have a good friendship with her just how it would work for me...I suspect the friendship solidifies the encounter and makes it a more valuable one. It may be wise to try to develop a friendship with a Life Coach; it may make the difference between a successful session and an average one. It may also mean that finding a life coach who works for you is not a simple task--it takes a while to find someone who is on your wavelength.

Posted by Paula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA, ...A Local Expert in all The Hamptons (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) about 8 years ago

The saying, "The master will show up, when the student is reaady to listen", is what's important here. Karen or any other coach can't get their job done, unless you are committed to a result.

Great post.

Posted by Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life (Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709) about 8 years ago

Charles: You are so right on that one!

Joe: I think you have hit on the right key: "Karen or any other coach can not get their job done unless you are committed to a result"....

Posted by Paula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA, ...A Local Expert in all The Hamptons (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) about 8 years ago

Paula -- it has been some feels good hearing you're on the journey -- blessings to your friend and coach too.  Namaste

Posted by Peter Michelbach, i Sell Real Estate about 8 years ago

"I am more ready now to handle the "problems" through letting go of needing to be "in control" when I am not."

- That is a very good place to be, especially if you believe in God or a "higher power."

BTW, that listing you have at 81 Turtle Cove Drive is a good one:

I live in Southampton Shores with my wife and kids. It's a great area to live in!

I'm a licensed home inpsector and if your perspective buyer is looking for a quality ispection, I'd be happy to help out. Here's my website with some info:



Posted by Richard Warden about 8 years ago

Peter: Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment Peter...

Richard: Great little house--and orignal too to the 1930's community that was filled with all kinds of these little cotages. it is very old but on decent condition considering it survived the '38 hurricane!

Posted by Paula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA, ...A Local Expert in all The Hamptons (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) about 8 years ago