"WHAT IS YOUR INTENT?" Something to think about for 2017

"WHAT IS YOUR INTENT?" Something To Think About For 2017


I was watching an opinion piece on TV about how the media is examining the use of the word "Lie" or "Liar" when it comes to talking about a public figure, namely, a politician. Most panelists recognized that mistakes are made all the time and should not be subject to be identified as a lie unless you can prove the individual knew the truth and intended to lie regardless of the truth.


"As a journalist, it is not a good thing to publicly call a person a liar since you cannot know what the thinking was at the time the supposed 'lie' was spoken"...This was the stance taken by almost all panelists on this show. There was consensus on the matter: No one should be called a liar publicly or privately for that matter since one cannot possibly know the intent behind the supposed "lie". 



*INTENT: NOUN--intention or purpose:

  1. "with alarm she realized his intent" ·
    "a real intent to cut back on social programs" 
    synonyms: aim · intention · purpose · objective · object · goal · target · design ·


When and if one catches on to the idea that "intent" is behind all human behavior, it is life altering.

Intent drives us to success or failure--bad intentions will put us behind bars, destroy relationships in business and our private lives and will create havoc in the life of any human being.

Good intentions are subtle actions put in place by those who want to do good things...sometimes unrewarded but always the driving force behind a good deed...Intent is indeed the force behind all our actions in life, even those actions we claim to not be in control of! Nothing is out of our control in my opinion--we just need to be in touch with our "intent" in all we think and do.




I discovered the power of intent as a young woman, seeking my way in life and needing to understand what made me do things that I did--good and bad. When I wanted to lose a few pounds and didn't, a little self examination made it clear that until I was settled on what I intended, I lost nothing!

The big secret that I discovered early on is that unless you look deeply  you will not know what intent is or where it is! I found it is buried in your sub-conscience and is not easy to uncover!

Once found, the possibilities are endless: You can finally understand why you have done the things you have done--and more importantly--the things you didn't do!

Now, I find that I can apply it to my business---when business is off and there seems to be nothing outside myself controlling my business (like a major downturn for instance), I do the same thing: I examine my feelings and thoughts about how and why I go out after listings or leads for buyers.


  • Why am I in this business? The bottom line...
  • What is driving me when I am working with people? Be very honest...
  • Is it for the money or for the satisfaction or something else? Don't lie to yourself...
  • Am I afraid I am going to fail? Again, be very honest...
  • Am I afraid I will succeed? This is a tough one...
  • How much do I want to succeed?...if that is your intent!!

Low and behold, at the end of the self searching, there is that thing called "intent" staring back at me and I can see a way through to the results I am seeking!! No more time-wasting; no more telling myself something that is not true. When it comes right down to it I don't know if I could have accomplished what I have accomplished in life had I not discovered the power of "Intent" 

It is not easy but I will say that the more you exercise the discipline that is required to do the self-examination, the easier you will find it.

Doors will open and, yes, doors will close!!


* Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary



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"WHAT IS YOUR INTENT? " Something to think about for 2017
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