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"THE SQUIRREL"....Do You Ever Wonder Why Weird Things Happen To You???

THE SQUIRREL IS VIRGO"THE SQUIRREL"...Do you ever wonder why weird things happen to you??? (PART II)

A week ago I wrote "THE FALL" as the first part of my series: Do you ever wonder why weird things happen to you???

In that story, I point out that I had a series of unexpected and quite startling events that happened to me, all of which had a deeper meaning as I learned how to examine these events and their symbolic importance. 

I was spending a great deal of time in Stowe Vermont,  with Alan, my life mate. Stowe was where we would go to ski and Alan had bought a beautiful house and cottage in Sterling Valley. We spent every winter there, in the Green Mountains.

In the 90's, I was a skier and my life was beginning to take a very exciting turn--I had left my career in retailing at the behest of my other half, Alan. He wanted to travel and he wanted me to be with him without the concerns of a job. So I gave in and gave up the precious work that I loved dearly, and we began a thrill-filled life in the fast lane...from New York City to Bridgehampton to Stowe and to Europe and St. Barth's, St Martins and Portofino, Positano and many other places in the sun!

I was finding that my creative nature was stunted--I started to write at that time. I felt a tremendous pull to do more with my life but I was "trapped" in the lap of luxury; I lived the life of a "jet-setter", taking the Concord to Paris for a weekend, flying everywhere, including from the 23rd St heliport in Manhattan by private plane to go to the Hamptons.

It was some life!--But it was totally devoid of all the ordinary things that I love to do; and I was dreadfully unhappy.

We had been in St. Barths and came back, tan and full of energy and ready to ski our brains out! Alan went to the guest cottage just to see that it was OK...he called me at the main house in just a few minutes and asked: "Can you come down?--you won't believe what has happened here."

Now, the cottage was at the base of the hill and was about 1/4 mile from the main house. I pulled on my boots and grabbed a jacket and ran through the deep snow to the cottage. When I opened the door, I could feel that something was badly wrong--the windows were all fuzzy with swirls and what appeared to be some fancy brush had made a flowery pattern that was frozen on all the windows, like modern art!--on looking closer I could see that the wood around the windows was shredded--the mullions were whittled away to nothing. I turned around to see if Alan was in the hallway--and called to him. He was upstairs and I headed up there. As I passed the Shaker pegs on the wall for the ski clothes, I was stunned to see that they were all jagged and clipped almost to the wall!SYMBOL OF THE SUN SIGN VIRGO

"WHAT THE HECK????" I yelled and Alan answered--"it was a squirrel. The caretaker just came by to tell me that he checked the house yesterday and when he opened the door a huge gray squirrel ran past him--out into the woods!"

As I inspected the rest of the house I was moved beyond words--this wild, beautiful squirrel had fallen down the chimney into the fireplace. Wild as it was, there was no respect for the lovely carpets and pillows, bedding and chairs. To this wild animal, it was a trap!!

Being in a totally foreign place with no food for perhaps a week, this large squirrel ran up, over and on everything, eating the wood to try to get out of the windows....and eating the pegs perhaps for food! It slept on the beds with the lace and fine stitching, all of which meant certain death to this terrified squirrel!

Then I went to the back stairway, near the kitchen, I fell to my knees as I looked on the stairs---there was a large box of De con for mice on the steps....torn open, the opening was saturated with blood as the squirrel had eaten with fervor from the box of poison; all the while, bleeding internally from the De con--that is how De con kills. It makes the liver bleed and the blood seeps out of all orifices as the animal slowly dies.

Now, I heard later that the squirrel ran out of the house and the caretaker told me that it could have survived since it was a very large animal---it would have been very sick for some time though. as it was healing. It dawned on me then that the wild swirling patterns on the windows were created by the bushy tail of the squirrel, saturated with excrement and blood from the poison.

I couldn't stay in the cottage. I stumbled all the way back to the house, sobbing beyond control...I could not understand why this affected me so. I felt terrible about the squirrel but I knew it was reasonable that it survived and that it was released from the "trap" in enough time to survive---at least that's what I told myself.

THE SQUIRREL RAN OUT THE DOORNOW, What does this all mean??? Nothing you say?...So a squirrel fell into the chimney---happens all the time in the woods!!!

I had plenty of time to look at the whole incident: I knew it meant something---to me! I called my friend Karen and we talked at length, looking at the symbols involved and I cried as she told me that as a Virgo, I was a "wild" creature, trapped in a luxurious life while I died inside--fulfillment was not to be gotten from the form I was looking to find it in. She told me the symbol for Virgo is the squirrel; that my own survival was at stake and all the lovely trappings I was surrounded with would not save me but just might destroy my true nature; the longer I stayed in the unhappy state the less the chances of survival. She used the idea of a beautiful plant, healthy and green, left in the dessert. After a certain length of time, the plant will adjust or it will die. I got chills as it dawned on me what was happening.

I told Karen that I was amazed by the facts and the way it all unfolded for me to see....she simply said "That is why you were there--why you went to the cottage, and that is why you were so stricken by the sight of all of it---Right???" Right!!! 

I am still friends with Alan---the relationship ended soon after that incident and after the "Fall" I took, I felt it ended as it should.....



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