COMPETENCE IS GOLDEN!!!....Well Earned Respect Is The Goal Here!

PART 2 of My Series:"5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business"

COMPETENCE IS GOLDEN!!! .....Well earned respect  is the goal here!COMPETENCE IS A RARE QUALITY IN REAL ESTATE

Competence is a rare quality in real estate---You know very well that if awards were handed out for incompetence in real estate, chances are many agents would win it!  I do not state this in a patronizing way--I state it as a fact

There are only a handful of agents who truly excell in the business in many market places---why???  Because many people come into the real estate profession thinking that it is all about showing houses; then the truth becomes revealed in the class room where many agents start to see how much responsibility comes with a carrying a real estate liscence

In order for an individual to truly achieve a stature of competence in the real estate profession, one must excel at the basics of the business.  That means one must gain as much informational experience as possible. Notice I said informational experience; I know that years of study and action in the field is needed to become proficient in the ways a town or a city handles the zoning and building of it's residential areas. EXPERTISE is found through those long, hard days and months of working with the tools of the trade. COMPETENCE is a Gift

However, competence can be achieved in a much shorter time period if the dedication to learning is in place.


  • First, one must recognize the NEED FOR COMPETENCE.
  • Next one must seek out all the ways competence can be engendered. 
  • Then, find it and use it as if your life depends on it.
  • Never will you have the respect you thrive for if competence is not at the top of your goals in your career!

Competence does not drop in on your career---it is a sought-after goal that will take quality time to develop, to cultivate.....It will take a real drive for excellence and stature in the community. Go for the LEARN ALL THE ZONING LAWSgoal! Go for the one thing that appears to be missing in most agents resume: COMPETENCE.

  • Find out how to get the most information from your town building department--become a regular in town hall. Work with the zoning books; understand them and ask someone there if you  don't.
  • Ask questions of the real pros; ask until you make them feel like they want to ignore you. Then, explain that you are working on your competence factor, that you want to be as proficient in your knowledge as they are! (A good compliment works wonders when you need help like this!)
  • Gather as much information regarding a subject property as possible--leave nothing out!
  • Offer regular presentations to your clients and customers--make them as brief and informative as possible; keep them rich in content---as you do here on your ActiveRain blogs!!!
  • Become proficient at informing your client/customer base of current developments--
  • Do an e-newsletter--a smart and fast way to keep them informed.
  • Become a close associate to a trusted mortgage broker, or banker.
  • Get to know the basics of financing real estate...just enough so you are not stumped by a question from a buyer. 
  • Always express your level of competence to your contacts; this will help push your standing in their opinion and may even increase your referrals!
  • COMPETENCE IS KING.......TO THE STARS!!!...............TO THE STARS!!



                                     **ALL INFORMATION AND CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS ORIGINAL TO PAULA I. HATHAWAY.  The views expressed herein are my personal views and do not reflect the views of Douglas Elliman Real Estate


Paula I. Hathaway, Senior Broker Associate, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Southamtpon Village Real Estate Specialist since 1995;  Also Specializes in North Sea, Noyac, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, New York

Diamond , Gold and Chairman's Circle Awards; Top Producer since 2005


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