RAPPORT BUILDING:...Nothing Else Can Do More For Building Your Business!!!

*PART 1 of My Series: " 5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business".

RAPPORT BUILDING ....Nothing else can do more for building your business!!! It is the one area that most RE professionals neglect. Most don't understand how critical rapport building is in the early stages of a business relationship. It willmake the difference between making a sale and losing one; ..will make the difference between getting that great listing or losing it to the next agent who HAS taken the time to build rapport.THINK ABOUT YOUR PAST SUCCESSES

CHARM-- If you take a look at the most successful people in real estate, charm often comes to mind. Charming people are open and have a presence that is dominant but not overbearing. Charm is a natural part of a successful persons persona because it is at the foundation of "Rapport building".

CONFIDENCE--Charm comes from confidence and confidence is an earned attribute  and comes only after many losses and many lessons in life itself. Confidence is a place where we as humans can hope for--"I wish I had more confidence!" is a common lament I hear in the world of selling real estate---Well, look back on your life and you will find those times where your confidence was evident!  Take that time and that feeling and duplicate it as many times as you possibly can; use it until confidence is well established in your self-presentation....YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!!

ENGAGING BEHAVIORENGAGE--If you do not feel a connection with a new client, chances are you will not have any success with selling them anything either!  Your ability to draw people into your "sphere" is dependent upon your ability to engage them--in conversation, in your ideas, and in your whole approach to selling and/or listing properties!

REMEMBER: Rapport building is the most important part of building your business. 

If you don't have "RAPPORT" you don't have anything!!!



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RAPPORT BUILDING:… Nothing Else Can Do More For Building Your…
*PART 1 of My Series: " 5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business". RAPPORT BUILDING… Nothing else can do more for building your business!!! It is the one area that most RE professionals neglect. Most don't understand how… more
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