"TIME WASTERS"... How Do YOU Identify Them???

"Time wasters"... How do YOU identify them??? In our profession, we have a lot of things that need to be done that are other words the results are indistinct or vague. So it is really hard to WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???understand those things that are real "Time wasters".

This post will attempt to let you know what I identify as "Time Wasters" and what I do to avoid them. I would love to hear from all of you what you see as the biggest "Time Wasters" for you.

Some "Time Wasters" may appear to be time well spent and some "Time Wasters" may be staring you right in the face, letting you know immediately that they are there to drain you of your vital energy!

"TIME WASTERS" and how to avoid them:

  • Talking to people who you know to be draining to spend time with. These are the people who come to you for "advice"(usually on a personal issue) on something that is totally unimportant to you. This unproductive time is the most damaging to your OWN career. To give them more than 3 minutes is overly generous and you need to excuse yourself right then! The draining effect is not easy to identify--but believe me, you will feel physically exhausted after you spend more than 3 minutes with them.
  • Searching for properties for a buyer who wants to "find a bargain"..something below the already discounted prices. These buyers identify themselves to you right away. They tell you they are not interested in paying a lot of money in this market--Very hard to get a price range from them and they always seem to be attracted to something that has gone to contract or something that they will never get at a bargain price. You can waste so much time with these buyers that you will literally get "burned out" by them. They are NOT buyers--just "Time Wasters"!
  • Taking an over-priced listing. this is the biggest one--and the most expensive for you, the sucker who took the listing from someone who is NOT A SELLER!!! Avoid these "Time Wasters" at all costs!!
  • Tying yourself to a partner or team mate who does not play fair is one of the most dominate one here in Southampton right now. What usually happens is an established "lunk" finds a "Newbie" who is ambitiuos, hardworking, creative and green. The "Time Waster" here is the "lunk" who has never been successful on his/her own but has gone through many Newbies, leaving exhausted, burned out agents scattered all over town. (They usually leave the business.)JUST WASTING TIME

Please feel free to add your own "Time Wasters" to the list---we can all use the knowledge and experince of others where this is concerned.



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